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Something About Amy

Who am I?


I'm the Narrative Director for Theory of Games. In addition to game writing and narrative design, I also write novels and short stories. In the Before Times I belonged to an all-women's HEMA group, and have been known to swordfight other women at the Mesa Public Library.

How did I get here?


As a kid, I did not aspire to be a writer. I loved stories too much. The idea of being a writer was too big, too audacious.

But I just couldn’t help myself. 

I attended Clarion Writers' Workshop in 2001, while still an undergrad at MSU. In the two decades since, I’ve lead writer’s groups, workshops, and retreats; collaborated on a joint blog and podcast; done freelance editorial work; and sold some fiction along the way.

Why  game writing?


I am fascinated by (hopelessly in love with) the interstitial. The liminal. Empty spaces. Intersections. Crossroads. Pattern making. Web weaving. Time travel. Telepathy. Magic. Connection.

In games, we create room for the player to create their own story. Through the alchemy of the gameplay experience, one story begets countless more. A story for every player, every play-through. Living story, that breathes and grows, twists and changes.


The possibilities of this creative frontier are just beginning to be explored. It's too big. Too audacious.

And as usual, I just can't help myself..

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